Careers In Energy

Is a career in energy in your future?

Energy companies need well-educated, skilled workers to help them provide their customers with all the energy they need in a way that protects the environment. Find out what kinds of jobs are available, and how to prepare yourself for them.
Person holding equipmentWoman turning dials

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Careers In Energy (12MB Flash)

Ask Our Employees (23MB Flash)

Careers In Energy (1MB pdf)

What’s My Job? (200K pdf)

Career Essay (294K pdf)

Do You Like Words? (420K pdf)

Do You Like To Collect Information? (219K pdf)

Do You Like To Work With Numbers? (235K pdf)

Do You Like To Work With Animals? (551K pdf)

Do You Like To Come Up With New Ideas? (219K pdf)

Do You Like To Work With Your Hands? (317K pdf)