Clean Energy Planet

Welcome citizens of the Earth!

More people are using energy every day, and there are fewer resources to go around. We need to make the energy sources that we have last, and get more energy from sources that never run out.
How can we do that?
Southeastern United States at NightWind Turbine

Scientists and engineers are working on many ideas for clean energy!

How can power plants be cleaner and more efficient? How does a wind farm work? What does a solar power plant look like? Discover ways architects and builders help save energy when they “think green.” How can you help? Let’s find out.

Use the list below to see the resources for this unit.

Core concepts are presented in the Information Sheets and Video. Interactive materials provide online experiences that reinforce the material. Worksheets test your knowledge. Activities and Experiments provide opportunities for hands-on learning.

Kids and Conservation (5.2MB Flash)

Power Puzzle (3.5 MB Flash)

Watts Up (8.0MB Flash)

Fossil Fuels 590K pdf)

Other Sources of Energy (334K pdf)

Power Profile (177K pdf)

How We Use Energy (914K pdf)

Environment Crossword Puzzle (352K pdf)

Environment Quiz: Multiple Choice (190K pdf)

Environment Quiz: Combination (183K pdf)

Catch the Wind (159K pdf)

Draw a Green House (160K pdf)

Draw a Solar Invention (191K pdf)

Name the Parts of a Wind Turbine (270K pdf)

What Is Wind? (146K pdf)

Hire a Power Source (145K pdf)

How Big is a Wind Turbine? (154K pdf)