Power Sources

Where do energy and electricity come from?

Find out where energy comes from and how electricity is created. Get a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each energy source.
Boy touching lampArray of power lines

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Core concepts are presented in the Information Sheets and Videos. Interactive materials provide online experiences that reinforce the material. Worksheets test your knowledge. Activities and Experiments provide opportunities for hands-on learning.

Power Sources (4.5MB Flash)

Power Path (1.3MB Flash)

Power Puzzle (3.5MB Flash)

Fossil Fuels (590K pdf)

Electricity Generation (663K pdf)

Other Sources of Energy (334K pdf)

Power Profile (177K pdf)

Draw Your Power Source (433K pdf)

Electricity Generation (229K pdf)

Energy Source Matching (171K pdf)

Power Profile: Multiple Choice (167K pdf)

Power Profile: Short Answer (173K pdf)

Power Source Word Scramble (167K pdf)

Alternate Energy Sources (159K pdf)

Energy Current Events (199K pdf)

Energy Spelling Bee (155K pdf)

Fossil Fuel Map (236K pdf)

Energy Source Scramble (188K pdf)

Lemon Battery (221K pdf)

Steam Turbine (237K pdf)

Sandwich Battery (176K pdf)

Soda Can House Colors (162K pdf)

Solar Cooker (168K pdf)

Static Electricity (164K pdf)

Steam Boat (193K pdf)