Power & Wildlife

How do power plants help wildlife?

Xcel Energy works to protect valuable habitat for wildlife and waterfowl. We try to protect birds from our equipment, set aside land and work with conservation groups and the government to protect many species.

Bird nest on power linesBird sitting on eggs

See how power companies can help to protect birds and other wildlife. Learn how the peregrine falcon and other endangered birds live and raise their young. If it’s nesting season, don’t miss a look inside the nest by clicking on our link to the incredibly popular Bird Cams.

Bird nesting near a power lineFalconOwlOspreyEagleLarge bird with eggs

Bird nesting near a power lineWhat does electricity have to do with birds? How can a utility that makes electricity help birds and the environment, and protect where they live? Good questions! Let’s find out.

Protecting Wildlife and Improving Habitat (1.2 MB Flash)
FalconA power company — the falcon’s best friend? It’s true! Learn how Xcel Energy and naturalists worked together to bring the peregrine falcon back from the brink of extinction.

The Peregrine Falcon Story (6.1 MB Flash)
The Life of a Peregrine Falcon (656K pdf)
Return of the Peregrine Falcon (407K pdf)
Peregrine Falcon Quiz (251K pdf)
Great Horned OwlThey hunt while you’re sleeping and no, those are not ears! What do they like to eat?

The Life of a Great Horned Owl (390K pdf)
OspreyWhen osprey go fishing, they don’t fool around. They go right into the water, and can carry off a fish that weighs almost as much as they do. And what’s that in their nest?

The Life of an Osprey (399K pdf)
Bald EagleThe bald eagle is more than just a pretty face on those coins in your pocket. Why do we say “eagle-eyed” to describe someone with excellent vision?

The Life of a Bald Eagle (570K pdf)
Large bird with eggsWould you like to peek into a nest? You can with our Bird Cams. The nests are quiet during most of the year. But February through June is a busy time. It’s nesting season. During that time, the cameras let you watch falcons, eagles, owls and other birds build their nests, hatch their eggs, and raise their babies. Just click Bird Cam during nesting season and see!

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