Virtual Power Plant Tour

What goes on inside a power plant?

What’s 15 stories tall, weighs 8 million pounds, and hangs from the ceiling of a power plant? What goes ’round and ’round and blows off steam? And what happens inside of a baghouse? Let’s find out!

Outside of a Power PlantInside of a Power Plant

We can learn where the electricity that we use every day is made. See the whole process up close, from coal to current! Let’s go!

After taking the tour, you can enjoy the Interactive Power Puzzle. The Worksheets are designed for in-class practice and reinforcement of key concepts.

Power Puzzle (3.5MB Flash)

Power Plant Crossword Puzzle (204K pdf)

Power Plant Quiz (153K pdf)

Power Plant Locator (169K pdf)

Electricity Generation (229K pdf)

Power Source Word Scramble (167K pdf)