Virtual Wind Farm Tour

How can we put wind to work?

What if we could pull electricity out of thin air? We can – as long as it’s windy! It’s not a magic trick. It’s wind power! Let’s see how that works, and what it takes to get wind power to your neighborhood!

Wind FarmWind Farm

What’s going on inside those big, tall wind turbines? Let’s visit a wind farm to see how electricity is generated there, from the ground up – way up! Let’s go!

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Power Puzzle

What Makes Wind? (551K)

How Does Wind Push? (2 MB)

Inside a Wind Turbine (954K)

Build a Wind Farm (409K)

What Makes Wind? (535K)

Catch the Wind (1.3MB)

How Does Wind Push? (1.8MB)

Inside a Wind Turbine (954K)

Wind Farm Crossword Puzzle (405K)

Wind Farm Quiz (378K)

Build a Wind Farm (411K)

Name The Parts of a Wind Turbine (270K)

What is Wind? (146K)

How Big is a Wind Turbine? (154K)

Wind Can Do Work (209K)

Steam Turbine (257K)